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And tingling (aka pinched nerve or radiculopathy). Initial treatment includes medication to reduce inflammation and pain, modifying your activities to minimize symptoms, and physical therapy. viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online Cervical injections are also used if the symptoms don’t resolve. Surgery to relieve the pressure of the nerve is used for severe cases or for those that don't respond to the above treatments. As we age, the discs also "wear out" as a result of degeneration. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to prevent it. In some people, as the disc wears, this leads to bone spurs which can cause neck pain, shoulder blade pain, and headaches. The same spurs can also pinch nerves and cause symptoms similar to a herniated disc, and the treatment is essentially the same as well. Cervical spine stenosis as spinal degeneration occurs naturally with age, bone spurs may form and cause the spinal canal to become smaller. â these bone spurs press on the spinal cord or nerve roots and cause symptoms similar to that of a herniated disc. However, it may cause more serious symptoms if the pressure is applied to the nitre spinal cord. Pain can spread from the neck to the back as well as down the arms and legs. It can also cause loss of control and strength of the arms and legs, loss of coordination, difficulty walking, and loss of bowel and/or bladder function. This condition is know as cervical myelopathy. â surgery is the only effective treatment in relieving pressure on the spinal cord. â  cervical trauma cervical trauma is a common and treatable condition that usually occurs as a result of falls or motor vehicle accidents. The cervical spine is commonly injured as a result of blunt trauma. â these spine injuries are often associated with nerve injuries as well, the most devastating resulting in partial or complete paralysis. â an mri or ct scan can help to diagnose the severity and exact location of the injury. â depending on the extent of the injury, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy and lifestyle adjustments are diagnosed to reduce the risk of long-term complications. â  cervical vertebral tumors spinal tumors may occur as a primary tumor of the bone or the spinal cord. â  however, spine tumors are most commonly the result of metastasis, or spreading of cancer from another area of the body (for example, lung or breast). Its cause is unknown but can occur as a primary tumor or as a result of the spread of cancer from another area. â cervical vertebral tumors can cause neck or back pain, loss of sensation, muscle weakness and spasms. â like other tumors, these must be treated quickly and effectively so they do not spread to other areas, or cause nerve damage or paralysis. â corticosteroids can help relieve symptoms, but surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. My Timeline

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